Kingsfield is a family of churches seeking to bring the kingdom of Jesus Christ to relevance in Huron County and surrounding area.          

This is the vision we believe God has called us to. Currently, Kingsfield consists of two sister churches:

Kingsfield – Zurich Mennonite Church and Kingsfield – Clinton

As we follow Jesus, we listen, dream and pray for new outgrowths of his kingdom in our mission field of Huron County and surrounding area. Interested in becoming an active part of what Jesus is doing among and through Kingsfield? Or, just want to know more?  Contact one of our leaders:

  • Ryan Jantzi, Kingsfield – Zurich Mennonite Church Pastor: (519) 236-4933
  • A Team of Elders (Don, Nancy, Joel and Nathan) lead Kingsfield – Clinton. Contact them at

Kingsfield Identity Statement