Mennonite Church Canada logo consisting of a dove.First and foremost, we are Christians.

We are a part of the global Church body who have placed their faith in Jesus, the one who has restored all things through his crucifixion and resurrection. “Jesus is Lord!” we proclaim.

We also have a Anabaptist/Mennonite flavour about us.

This is a secondary, but significant aspect of our identity.

Mennonites are one expression of Anabaptist Christianity which stems from the 16th century Protestant Reformation. Sometimes referred to as the Radical Reformation, the Anabaptists insisted that faith was not something that could be determined by the political state, but needed to be a personal response to Jesus. This conviction has been expressed through adult “Believer’s” Baptism. The Anabaptists also believed that faith in Jesus should always lead to a transformed lifestyle of following Jesus in love and service.

Mennonites are seen worldwide in many forms. From the very traditional to the culturally progressive. From rural farmers to urban professionals, and everything in between. While, there are many forms of being Mennonite, Kingsfield is a part of the Mennonite Church Canada family. Mennonite Church Eastern Canada is the regional body we belong to.

Core Anabaptist values are as follows:

  • Discipleship: The essence of the Christian life is following Jesus. Faith must bear the fruit of loving service. An inward spiritual reality must lead to an outward transformation of living.
  • Community: The church is defined primarily as a fellowship or family. A shared commitment to living together, caring for one another and strengthening each other is evident. To be in Christ is to be in fellowship with other believers.
  • An Ethic of Love and Peace: Love of neighbour and enemy is integral to faith. To pursue peace and justice is to participate in God’s advancing of his Kingdom on earth.

 It is essential to reaffirm that Anabaptists are first and foremost Christian. We must remember that these core Anabaptist values do not replace or supersede, but proceed from Christian faith as affirmed by the Apostles’ Creed.

For a summary of The Mennonite Confession of Faith, click here.

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