Boys Club is open to all boys grades three to six.

We learn together about following Jesus while making friends, being creative, and having a lot of fun.

We meet twice a month (First and Third Thursdays) from October – May, @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at the Kingsfield – Zurich Mennonite Church building on the lower level. Each week we have a devotional time, a snack, and many different activities throughout the year such as games, sports, crafts and occasional nearby field trips.

This is a free program, we may ask the boys to help with bringing snacks and drinks occasionally, and occasionally / rarely may ask for the boys to pay a small fee for a special activity.

From time to time, events may be planned away from KZMC property. We will be asking parents to arrange their own transportation for their boys directly to and from the event site, which will imply parental permission and consent for their boys to attending these offsite events.

Parents/guardians are always welcome to attend/observe all events.

Email will be Primary means of communication – if this doesn’t work for you please indicate in form under other concerns.

You can sign-up below!