Greetings to the People of K-ZMC, 

As you know, all in-person activities for K-ZMC have been cancelled for the coming weeks. Time will tell how long this lasts. Even as we are physically distant, may we not be socially distant. Let’s seek out ways online and via phone to still be engaged in one another’s lives and to bless those around us. The following is information about how we’ll navigate our worship, care and mission in the coming weeks. 

Worship Gatherings: Our Worship Gatherings will continue to happen on Sundays at 11:00am. They will be held online, using a combination of YouTube and Zoom. Instructions on how to access the gatherings will be sent out via email and social media at some point leading up to Sunday. Everyone is invited to join us during these times, and feel free to invite others!

Pastoral Care: All of our seniors (70+) who are unable to leave their homes during this time, will receive at least a weekly phone call check-in from their Deacon or our Pastors. If you’re not sure you fit that criteria, or are in self-isolation and would like a check-in, please let us know. We’d love to connect and make sure you’re cared for. 

Online Gatherings: We’ve encouraged every K-ZMC ministry to find ways to connect online: ie. Small Gatherings, Youth, Jr. Youth, Boys and Girls Club,Young Adults, ZMWomen, Sunday School, Fight Club, Meetings, etc. Most of these meetings will take place via Zoom, an online video chat app. Instructions for how to access these meetings are sent out via email and social media. If you are a ministry lead, and would like to set-up a meeting, contact the office at We will be glad to work you through how Zoom works.

Loving Our Community: We at K-ZMC want to love our community well during this time! Those of you that can, please let us know how you can help! That could mean picking up groceries for members of the community, or just speaking with them via phone calls, anything helps. Please help us spread the word via our Instagram and Facebook posts. If you or anyone else needs help during this time, you can contact us at