A Photo of Bartliff's and Clinton's Main StreetAs residents of Clinton, God had been stirring in the hearts of Joel and Mel Siebert for quite some time. What would it look like to have a church community in Clinton where the folks shared life and were intentionally on mission together? What would it look like for the presence of the church of Jesus Christ to be expressed not ‘over there in that building’ but as an expression of everyday life in the neighbourhood?

Simultaneously, God was up to something in the hearts of folks at Zurich Mennonite Church. They began to feel that God was calling them to something beyond themselves. As Canadian society in rural areas becomes increasingly Post-Christian, what would it look like to begin truly treating our home territory as a mission field?

And so in response to God’s call, Kingsfield-Clinton was “planted” in November of 2007. This missional community began gathering for worship in the home of Joel and Melanie Siebert. Under the leadership of Tim Doherty (Kingsfield-ZMC Pastor of Multiplication and Discipleship), the Sieberts, Steckles and Squires were the families that initially formed Kingsfield-Clinton, as led by the Holy Spirit.

From that point, Kingsfield-Clinton has experienced God’s faithfulness in many ways. Through the ups and does, we have grown to be a family who follows Jesus, worshipping Him and being a part of his work of bringing his Kingdom in our neighbourhoods. We are a sister church to Kingsfield-Zurich Mennonite Church, within the family of Kingsfield.

Transitions Along the Way

    • November 2007 – The first Kingsfield-Clinton Worship Gathering was held at the home of Joel and Melanie Siebert.
    • January 2011 – Ryan Jantzi was called as Kingsfield-Clinton pastor.
    • November 2012 – A move to gather for worship at the Room2Grow facility.
    • September 2013 – A move to begin hosting our Worship Gatherings at the Clinton Kinsmen Hall
    • February 2014 – A new model of Worship Gatherings was implemented with us now alternating between several Home Gatherings (1st and 3rd Sundays of the month) and Hall Gatherings (2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays).
    • January 2016 – We shifted to an elder-only leadership style as well as worshipping in the various homes of our members. This transition followed Ryan Jantzi’s transition to K-ZMC to serve as their Lead Pastor.