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Kingsfield is an extension of the wonderful story of Zurich Mennonite Church, which God has been writing for many years.

Founded in 1908, Zurich Mennonite Church has a history of over 100 years of knowing and following  Jesus in worship, ministry and mission. This history has involved a wide variety of ministry projects and rhythms of life that have shared the love of Jesus locally, nationally, and globally. Out of this history, Kingsfield has been born.


Kingsfield is a family of churches seeking to bring the kingdom of Jesus Christ to relevance in Huron County and surrounding area. 

Picture of road map depicting Zurich, Clinton and surrounding area.

Kingsfield has been formed as an expression of our increasing burden that Huron County and surrounding area is a mission field of folks who need to know the love and power of Jesus. God is calling us to live as missionaries in new and radical ways. The vision is that Kingsfield would be a model of being the church that will enable us to live in response to this call.

Currently, Kingsfield-Zurich Mennonite Church and Kingsfield-Clinton are the two sister churches within Kingsfield. We continue to dream, pray and watch to see what God may stir along the way in regard to planting churches in our surrounding communities. To be frank, it has not been an easy journey. But, it has been a good journey; one in which God has been faithful and one in which we are growing into the likeness of Jesus.

For further insight into the Kingsfield Vision, please contact any of the Kingsfield pastors or elders.

Former K-ZMC Pastor, Phil Wagler’s book, Kingdom Culture: Growing the Missional Church is an excellent glimpse into the original heart of the Kingsfield vision.