ReadingThere are so many ways to grow in knowing Jesus, experiencing his mercy and following him well!

At Kingsfield, we invite our people to actively engage in consistent study and personal development. God speaks first and foremost to us through Scripture. The Holy Spirit also speaks to us through those who have gone before us and those who are currently walking the journey.

The following is a glimpse of the resources our leaders are currently drawing from.


 Jenny Jutzi, K-ZMC Elder

  • Your Church is Too Safe, by Mark Buchanan – This book calls the church to being the God-established church. It displays how the church of today can recover the power and boldness of the early church, taking risks to love, serve, and communicate the life-changing message of the Gospel. This book is currently being studied by the K-ZMC elder team.
  • The Magnificent Obsession, by Anne Graham Lotz – This book calls us to embracing a God-filled life. It challenges us by Abraham’s lifelong pursuit of knowing God. This is currently the book being used for K-ZMC’s group book studies.
  • Scripture – The books of James and Philippians

Don Hagle, K-Clinton Elder

  • The Difference Maker, by John C. Maxwell
  • Scripture – Genesis 50:14-26 and Luke 15:11-32
  • Various Sermons, by John MacArthur, James McDonald, Chip Ingram, Alistair Begg and Chuck Swindoll – Listening while out trucking each week on the interstates of America. These pastors really send a message home with conviction and thought provoking sermons.

Ryan Jantzi, K-Clinton Pastor

  • Scripture –  Revelation. I am falling more and more in love with this crazy, overwhelming book. I am struck by God’s consistent call to patient endurance and faithfulness among his people in the midst of suffering and evil.
  • Planting Churches in the 21st Century by Stuart Murray – this Anabaptist pastor and theologian covers a wide breadth of models for church planting. Particularly helpful are the array of dynamics he points to that churches  and leaders planting churches ought to pay attention to.
  • Macleans and Christianity Today – these two periodicals help me  stay consistently informed about the trends, happenings and thinking in broader society and the global church. These are what keep me checking the mail!

 Dianne Loerchner, K-ZMC Elder

  • Scripture – The Psalms, particularly Psalm 119 which focuses on Words: The unspoken words God uses in the heavens and skies to tell us who He is. The written word tells us more about his character and what he expects of us. The unspoken words that we meditate on in our hearts are revealed in our unspoken words.
  • Blessing Your Spirit, by Sylvia Gunter – This book is based on the premise that God intended our spirits to rule our souls. We can speak blessings to our spirit and others in various areas of life over the span of 40 days. I have learned much about the spirit through this book. The author uses many Scriptures to explain the spirit. The authors also say that you can bless your spirit with 21 Names of God. His description of the various names of God increases one’s understanding of the character of God.
  • Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young – This is a small book of daily devotions. They are very brief and very packed with nuggets of wisdom. The main themes that stand out to me are: trust, being thankful and becoming intimate with God.

Melanie Siebert, K-Clinton Elder

  • Scripture – The Gospel of Matthew.
  • Nurture: Give and Get What You Need to Flourish, by Lisa Bevere  – This is a great book about how we are gifted as women to bless other women through nurturing relationships. Mother to daughter, daughter to mother and sister to sister (in the family of Christ) and how very important mentoring and encouraging are.
  • What’s a Christian to do with Harry Potterby Connie Neal.


More to Come!